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On practice:

Installations combining video and printed material on stories of political communities and social work.

Mediation, discussion and critique, staging, and speculation.

The slow formation of an imaginary collective and world view.





Rather than researching his genealogy, Kalle Brolin has recorded new versions of 27 songs from the repertoire of Lorens Brolin. He then played to a number of relatives of Lorens Brolin, who are all musicians in a variety of genres. The resulting film is a small archive of songs, but can also be perceived as a form of membership application, for the Brolin musicians to judge.

Two other videos are also featured. In both, members of an activist group of Travellers discuss ethnicity and cultural heritage, using the name Brolin as an example. Richard Magito Brun and Rose-Marie Wallengren consider the blurred line between ethnicities and discuss the importance of culture and blood when determining who belongs to an ethnic minority such as the Swedish Travellers. Fritz Rosendahl and his grandson Oscar Hederlig talk about how the culture of Travellers has been kept alive despite centuries of persecution, and especially the assimilation and extermination policies in the 20th Century, when it became necessary to keep all forms of cultural expression secret.


Some of the videoworks from the project can be found on Youtube and Vimeo.

The music is found on this site, and on Reverbnation.



Exhibition views

Kalle Brolin Works 2014