Kalle Brolin is an artist and a writer, working with video installations and performance.


His works have been shown in a number of international biennales and art exhibitions. He's co-runner of the Sunshine Socialist Cinema, an outdoor solarpowered cinema. He writes mainly for the culture pages in the alternative newspaper Fria Tidningen, but has also contributed to several art magazines. He teaches classes on video art at the art school in Munka Ljungby.


Kalle Brolin has spent several years living and working as an artist in cities like Buenos Aires, Istanbul, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn, and Gdansk. He is now based in Malmö.

His latest series of works, on the culture of the coalmines and sugarfactories in southern Sweden, has been exhibited at Malmö Art Museum and reviewed by most major Swedish newspapers, as well as by Art Forum. These works are currently (summer-fall 2018) shown on a tour of exhibitions and screenings around the mining- and sugar towns of Scania.


Kalle Brolin graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from Umeå Art Academy in 2004.


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