On practice:

Installations combining video and printed material on stories of political communities and social work.

Mediation, discussion and critique, staging, and speculation.

The slow formation of an imaginary collective and world view.



About Travellers And Brolin


Travellers and Brolin is an art project that takes place around the fluctuating borders of ethnicity. Artist Kalle Brolin has made documentary shorts and written newspaper articles about the history and culture of Swedish Travellers since 2011. In Travellers and Brolin the family name of the artist is the starting point for discussions with Travellers on issues of ethnicity and cultural heritage.


Is Kalle Brolin a Traveller, or is he a wannabe? The name Brolin belongs to a family of Travellers from Skåne in southern Sweden. The celebrated folk musician Lorens Brolin (1818-1890) is one of them, a well-known violinist in his own days and among contemporary folk musicians. His repertoire of songs was notated by a visiting ethnologist, and his style of playing has survived as a family tradition.



About Kalle Brolin


Kalle Brolin is an artist working with video, installation, writing and music. He has shown works in a number of art biennials, writes cultural critique for the newspaper Fria Tidningen, and works with a solar powered outdoors cinema, the Sunshine Socialist Cinema.





e-mail: kabrolin@gmail.com

mobile: +46 72 3017190

postal: Sodra Parkgatan 29 a, 21422 Malmo, Sweden


web: sunshinesocialistcinema

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